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21 Days of PRAISE - Day 17

Posted on 21 January, 2015 at 14:40


21 Days of Praise - Day 17


Psalm 147 vs 17

17: He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold?


What an awesome God we serve.


Day 17 has been an amazing day, I hope you've had and still having a wonderful time giving God praise in this season of Praise fest.


The verse for today makes me wonder how marvellous our God is. I remember seeking the face of the Lord sometime in 2012, I prayed and worshipped for days asking Him to reveal Himself to me. I had just read and digested Moses encounter with God, beholding the back of God.


This got me fired up. I said; "Lord, if Moses could see your back I also want to see your back". Well call me crazy but I meant every word and prayed every word.


Lo and behold, one faithful morning around 6am, I was meditating and praying as usual, making sure Heaven did not get any rest until I was heard and ministered to by the Lord. As I prayed, I felt a strong wind and this powerful presence descending. I kept quiet for a while trying to understand what was going on.


My spirit immediately connected with this strong presence that was descending and I immediately knew it was the Lord descending. To be Honest, it got so strong I just knew I could not handle such awesome presence, It was too pure, undefined glory and power. I started shaking, I lost the courage to see this glorious experience through.


Immediately, I said; "Lord please go back, I am fine, it is okay and I have gotten my answers, I can not handle this descending glory"


The power of the wind and presence of the Lord lightened, I opened my eyes picked up my bible and immediately ran into my bedroom.


Yes you can laugh, but hey God is that cool and awesome BUT guess what, about 15minutes later I was in bed shaking and slept off in the process, I had a dream and found myself in the middle of space, staring at the galaxy. Then the Lord spoke: "JOHN TAKE A LOOK AT THE GALAXY, THE STARS, THE MOON, EVEN THE WORLD YOU LIVE IN - THE BIRDS OF THE AIR, THE FISHES OF THE SEA, THE BEASTS OF THE LAND. I replied yes Lord I can see, and they are beautiful. He then spoke again " IF YOU CAN SEE ALL THESE THINGS, THEN YOU HAVE SEEN ME AND YOU WILL SEE ME EVERYDAY" I woke feeling loved and on top of the world.


Jesus is Loving and kind, He makes all things beautiful and like today's verse


God's creativity is well advanced than we can imagine.


He is just awesome, and all He wants is a relationship. PRAISE yourself into His PRESENCE and see what just one encounter feels like.


For first-timers to this kind of message, it's easy. You can start by declaring this:


Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity, I embrace it with all of my heart, with all of my spirit and with all of my soul. I drop all of me and choose this day to become all of YOU, please be my Lord and my Personal Saviour, I confess that you are Lord and no other, thank you for it is a new day and beginning for me.


Congratulations, you are welcome to God's family, you are now born again, Glory to God in the highest.


Please contact us, share the testimony of Salvation you have received via our timeline, inbox or website.


Look for a bible believing Church close to you, so you can connect yourself with God's people and community. Most importantly, build a relationship with the Lord


Be blessed,




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